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The full game is out! Check it out here: https://mr-frog.itch.io/star-wrecker

In the fantastic, far-off future era of 1993, the galaxy is at peace. Under the benevolent rule of the highly-advanced Galactic Empire, our modern societal ills have been cured, and demons plaguing mankind since antiquity have been laid to rest.

Fortunately, we've managed to dig up some new ones in the process.

On the far outskirts of imperial space, this blessed tranquility is broken as a gallery of rogues stage a rebel insurrection. Again. (Third time this year, actually.) The stage is set for another standoff between the law that protects us and the freedom it stifles. However, something far more sinister than freedom may be at work here...

Star Wrecker is a sci-fi themed bullet hell game in the vein of Touhou Project or Dodonpachi. You, the player, are pitted against waves of increasingly-tough enemies which barrage the playing field with massive amounts of bullets -- sometimes hundreds can be onscreen at a time! Don't despair too much, though -- as long as the bullets don't touch your "hit box" -- a tiny circle in the middle of your character -- you're safe. Your goal is to survive to the end of the game, and rack up as many points as possible!

This demo contains:

  • Bullets
  • Skippable cutscenes
  • Flying robots
  • An anime girl
  • 3 playable characters
  • 3 stages
  • Replay functionality
  • A glitch where the game zooms in on your character's groin upon selecting them when in fullscreen

The full game will have:

  • 6 stages
  • An unlockable EX Stage, Endless Mode, and other goodies
  • Stage practice
  • A robot maid
  • Possibly lasers??? Maybe???
  • Possibly a fix for the aforementioned glitch

Additionally, the demo is free and the full game will most likely be free so you can simultaneously pay full price for half a game and half price for a full game.

v0.2 UPDATE:

  • Fixed a number of exploits with James (shift-tapping is nerfed as well as shotgunning with his bomb) and lowered his damage slightly in general
  • Extended the bomb invulnerability period on James's and Ursula's bombs
  • Fixed bug where the continue prompt would not display if a replay is not saved
  • Added some small graphical effects (you now glow while bomb invinc is active and there's a small shadow behind your options)
  • Crotch shots are still in

Replays made in 0.1 will likely not work in 0.2.


SW v0_2.zip 121 MB

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